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  • Kate, our 2 year old, loves the glasses and happily wears them all around Perth!Catherine,Australia
  • I run with Schäedz Sunglasses. I love the lens, they make me see better.Cristian,Russia
  • Our 3 year old loves his red Schäedz. Thank you!Harpartap,USA


  • Supriti, Singapore

    Thanks so much for the great sunglasses. My daughter loves the pink colour and it gives me peace of mind when she wears them as I know that the quality is good and it is really protecting her eyes, as opposed to the usual kids sunglasses that you get. Also, I have to say I am impressed with their durability - the glasses have been dropped on the floor, thrown, and accidentally placed near keys and they haven't broken or scratched. They still look as good as new! Well done on a fantastic product!

  • Catherine, Australia

    Kate, our 2 year old, loves the glasses and happily wears them all around Perth!

  • Cristian, Russia

    I run with Schäedz Sunglasses. I love the lens, they make me see better.

  • Harpartap, USA

    Our 3 year old loves his red Schäedz. Thank you!

  • David, Ireland

    We got the glasses last week, they are fab, we all love them and Roan has really taken to them - these are the first pair of sunglasses that he willingly keeps on - he even fell asleep with them on in the car yesterday which is unreal for him. I also find my own pair excellent for driving (really reducing glare) and have had loads of compliments!!

  • Kevin, Singapore

    Thanks for helping me out with the glasses this morning. Only one afternoon and we can tell they work great. They managed to stay on the 15-month-old for 20 minutes without him scratching and reaching for them - that's saying something! Well done!

  • Tan Sook Fun, Singapore

    Our kids love their Schäedz sunglasses. My eldes takes them out of their special case, polishes the lenses with the cloth and wears them all the time. Makes her feel very grown up, espacially because they are the same as Mummy's (just a little smaller!)

  • Little, Red Bus

    The nice folks at Schäedz recently gave me the privilege of reviewing a pair of Schäedz sunglasses, and I must say I am very, very impressed.True to their word, my sunglasses haven't gotten scratched, and I'm well-known for ruining many pairs within days of purchase. If you take a look at their collection, you'll notice the children's designs, match those of the adults'. Most parents, and early childhood professionals are well-aware of how children pick up life-long skills at their tender age by imitating the influential adults around them. Thus, it pleases me to note that the folks at Schäedz have taken this into consideration, and have created adult sunglasses in the same shapes and colours as the children's versions.

  • Therese, Singapore

    I've been looking for a good pair of sunglasses for my son as the ones I've bought previously were either ill fitting or do not provide the protection that we wanted. I found Schäedz online one day while searching for a good pair of sunglasses and decided to give it a try. I bought a pair from one of the retailers and my son was so pleased with it that he would always wear it whenever he's out under the sun and show off his glasses even while he's indoors! I bought another one online recently as he had misplaced it while out shopping. My son was so excited to receive his second pair of Schäedz sunglasses a few days ago as he misses it so much. I would strongly recommend Schäedz to anyone who's looking for an affordable and durable pair of sunglasses that provides UV protection and reduces glare through their polarized lenses. Thank you Schäedz for these wonderful glasses!

  • Ketan, London

    My girls, now 5 and 9 have been wearing Schaedz for more than 2 years. Now even I wear Schaedz and can tell the difference between designer glasses to Schaedz. I paid much much less price for a pair of Schaedz unlike $200 to $300 ranges of equally good quality glasses. And my girls make sure they look after and treasure their good looking glasses.