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  • Kate, our 2 year old, loves the glasses and happily wears them all around Perth!Catherine,Australia
  • I run with Schäedz Sunglasses. I love the lens, they make me see better.Cristian,Russia
  • Our 3 year old loves his red Schäedz. Thank you!Harpartap,USA


Yes, all adults and kids sunglasses comply with European Standard EN 1836:2005 and CE directive 89/686/EEG.

Yes, we accept credit cards and paypal account payment. You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to purchase Schäedz sunglasses. Click here for all you need to know about online payment with full instructions.

Yes, we ship globally free of charge for all online retail orders.

We ship our adult and kids sunglasses from our Singapore office via local post within Singapore and via international registered post to all other countries. Orders are shipped within two days of receiving the order and arrive usually within 2 days in Singapore and 14 days to other countries.

A microfibre cloth is provided with your adult or kids sunglasses to clean your lenses. If the lense gets very dirty or greasy use clean water and your lens cloth to dry.

Schäedz has a 14 day no questions asked exchange or refund guarantee for original condition returns, 180 day manufacturing defect warranty.

Polycarbonate is lightweight and impact resistent. It is used in helmet visors, spaceshuttle windshields, bullet proof glass safety glasses, sports goggles and children's eyewear. Schäedz uses only high quality, Japanese made polycarbonate lenses for kids sunglasses.

Click here for all you need to know about polarization.

Click here for all you need to know about Ultraviolet (UV) radiation:

If you are interested in Schäedz adult or kids sunglasses for retail, wholesale or distribution please drop us an email at info@schaedz.com or by using our online contact form . We provide wholesale pricing at significant disounts for as little as 50 pairs. If you want to start your own business in your country selling Schäedz we will help you with advice and marketing materials. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

Under European Standard EN 1836:2005 all lenses are given a filter category which is determined by how much light is transmitted through the sunglasses. It is recommended that kids sunglasses use category 3 filters as a darker lens would dilate the pupil, allowing an even higher level of harmful rays into the eyes. Schäedz kids sunglasses use only category 3 lens filters.

Schäedz adults and kids sunglasses are made from high quality hand polished acetate. If your glasses do not fit perfectly your optician can heat the frame and mould exactly to your face.

Yes, your optician can replace the original lenses with prescription lenses.

Please don't hesitate to contact us by dropping us an email at info@schaedz.com or by using our online contact form.