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  • Kate, our 2 year old, loves the glasses and happily wears them all around Perth!Catherine,Australia
  • I run with Schäedz Sunglasses. I love the lens, they make me see better.Cristian,Russia
  • Our 3 year old loves his red Schäedz. Thank you!Harpartap,USA


Children usually love playing out irrespective of the hot climate and sunny weather as they are unaware of the harmful effects of UV rays of Sun but during hot climates or warm weather, children are more exposed to the UV rays. The United States Convention on the Rights of the Child says that children need special protection from UV radiation than adults because they suffer more; there are several reasons to give them extra security from UV rays; their skin is thinner and more sensitive than that of the adults’ and frequent sun exposure in childhood can cause melanoma in the later years of their life. They have more time to develop diseases and the increased life expectancy adds more risks to their eyes.

It has been researched that 80% of UV rays are received up to the age of 18 years in a person’s life and the children are at most risk as their eyes are more prone to the damages from the sun light because they have clearer lens which allows UV rays to reach their eyes’ retina easily. Their exposure to UV light increases the risk of clouding of the lens affecting the eye sight.

Knowing this fact, parents should not undervalue the harmful risks involved in the UV rays. They should make their children aware of the dangers involved in the UV rays and educate them about the perils while walking in the sun light; it is never too late to wear children’s sunglasses and it is should start at the age of three; they have to make their children understand that sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory; they really protect them from the harmful sun rays. There are certain standards which have to be followed while choosing baby sunglasses; At times, sunglasses can be more harmful than wearing no glasses since they can dilate the pupil of the eyes which further allow more UV rays to enter in the lens.

Eyes of the kids do not have sufficient filters to block the ultraviolet light from the sun to enter the eyes until they are nine years old. UV Rays have the capacity to completely damage the retina; it can cause loss of vision too in some cases.

The straps of the kids sunglasses are made from Neoprene (A material which is also used to make swimsuits); it is easy to clean; it is very soft, hypo-allergic and suitable for children’s skin.